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best job sites

What do the best jobsites have in common?

We were curious to find out what makes construction great. We spent hundreds of hours on heavy-civil construction projects talking with labourers, operators, superintendents and owners.

The best part of the job is working together towards a common goal and winning together as a team. Exceptional site leaders motivate their crew this way, and we saw how they attract talent to their projects. 

But we also saw deep frustration with misaligned incentives between hourly workers and project outcomes. 

The labor shortage is the new normal...

There are not enough construction workers

We need 500K+ workers in North America today, and 40% of the construction workforce will retire by 2030 (NCCER). Infrastructure spending is coming online and boosting demand for skilled workers.

High turnover and absenteeism

To plug the skills gap, companies hire inexperienced workers and train them. Poor retention makes this a leaky bucket. Absenteeism disrupts schedules. Onboarding a new worker is ~20% annual salary. Revenue per worker is ~$300K.

Discretionary bonuses

Adding hours to timesheets to retain workers happens often. But 70% of Supers and workers hate them because it causes a toxic culture of favoritism. Owners also hate them since they lose ~$8K per crew from overhead on these hours.

People are not hammers

Workers today want to know what they are doing and why it matters. Some hoard information. But, we are most productive when we bring body and soul. We get into construction to do rewarding work and get paid well.

Let the best crews rise. Give them a good reason and the right tools with Crewscope.
The rest are behind schedule on thin margins.

How do the best builders motivate talent?

Set Goals

What is a good week? It depends on who you ask. Sometimes we heard, "as long as the equipment didn't stop."

Set a simple goal like 500m pipe or 300t asphalt. Be realistic. Update the crew in the app in 10 seconds.

Off track? Make a new plan. It's fun to score at the weekend.

Align Incentives

The longer a job takes, the more hours get paid. Yet, projects are profitable when they stay on schedule.

A lot of money is on the table. Crank up productivity and give crews a piece with objective performance pay.

It's fun to play on a winning team.


Some say they don't pay their workers to think.

The best crews take the initiative. They know what to do and how to do it. Teams show up reliably because hitting their goal is essential.

Workers rise, so they are more productive. Safer as well because they are thinking.

We innovated the hourly incentive model with Condrain, a leader in heavy civil construction.

We built the technology with crews on-site to be user-friendly.

"Crew enjoyed the task and were happy to know we were successful in hitting our target. They were more proactive in regards to setting up pumps, protecting their work at night and thinking about potential obstacles."
Condrain Group
Frank P.
Condrain Sewer Foreman @ Walmart Distribution Centre
November 2022

Teams love Crewscope because the idea is simple: do good work, get good rewards.


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