Unlock the potential in your crews

Crewscope is a construction productivity app. Set weekly goals and update crews instantly. When targets are hit, the project stays on schedule, and Crews earn rewards.

motivated construction workers

Construction companies are facing an existential problem due to labor shortages. Construction firms that attract, retain, and motivate talent will succeed in this climate. The rest will struggle to survive.


To build the best job site experience, the best leaders consistently do these four things:

Set Clear Expectations

Set clear goals and communicate progress with the crew and help them take initiative


Design win-win incentives, so crews win when the company wins

Build Team Camaraderie

Help teams win together and rise with friendly competition

Track Productivity

Measure progress and close the gap between work imagined and work performed objectively


How Crewscope Improves Labor Productivity

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set weekly goals

Site leaders set a short term goal to stay on schedule. They share it with their crew through the app so everyone knows exactly what needs to be done and when.

track progress

Site leaders provide regular progress updates to their crew through the app. Crews enjoy a performance summary and a clear view of their pace to achieve the schedule.

get it done on time

When the crew completes the goal on time, the team shares the reward points equally. If they finish faster, they get a little extra.

Redeem Points

Workers redeem points for gift cards within the app, and we handle the fulfillment. Some clients have set up custom rewards like social events.

Unlock the potential in your crews

Engage workers and align incentives with the only productivity app made for construction workers



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