Awarded Top 25 Innovators in Construction

Awarded Top25 Innovators Construction

SiteNews has awarded Crewscope a Top 25 Innovators in Construction.

We are among a distinguished list of winners, including some of the largest general contractors in the country, tech startups, materials manufacturers, homebuilders, environmental champions, and more. See the complete list of winners here.

About the award:

The 25 Innovators in Construction is a yearly award recognizing Canada’s top construction companies for their groundbreaking contributions to the industry. The award celebrates firms excelling in technological innovation, workforce development, sustainability, and collaborative partnerships. The aim is to spotlight companies driving progress and setting new industry standards.

How we do it:

Crewscope unlocks productivity on construction job sites with its app built for site leaders, operators, and laborers. Our app takes best practices in goal setting and scales them across construction sites.

We built Crewscope on heavy civil construction projects after observing how our users worked and made an app that would fit naturally into their workflow. After 100+ interviews with supervisors, laborers, installers, and operators, we understood what users wanted (and didn’t want) in an app for work. These interviews were central to our product design and explain why our users say the app is user-friendly and intuitive.

Why we do it

Crews can be much more productive if they have more information. We developed a framework to unlock crew potential that keeps them focused on the goal and motivates them. Crewscope helps build high-efficiency teams that increase productivity and profits and retain and attract skilled workers. We connect workers with meaning, recognizing them objectively and fairly with rewards. Goal setting helps projects stay on schedule, and construction makes money when projects remain on schedule.

We love to recognize the hard work of construction workers. It is fabulous to be awarded Top 25 Innovators in Construction by the industry we love!

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