Frontline Performance Management

construction crew performance management

A client called me this week with a frontline performance management issue on a construction project: He has a crew working towards a goal in Crewscope, and most of the team is working well. They are consistent and focused. But one of them needs to pull his weight. The site leader struggles. He feels the […]

Workers are not cogs.

Workers are being held back and can be much more productive. But when I talk to leaders about motivating workers, I often hear: “people don’t want to work anymore.” The problem isn’t with workers not wanting to work. The problem is that they are kept in the dark and treated like cogs in a wheel. […]

Frontline Creativity in Construction

Productive workers installing pipe

Discover how leveraging creativity in frontline construction workers can boost productivity. Delving into S.M.A.R.T. goals, the importance of crew buy-in, and real-life examples, we explore how fostering trust and motivation can lead to innovative solutions on the job site. Unlock the potential of your team and move beyond outdated management paradigms.

Why should work be meaningful?

Excavation on site with Crewscope in Toronto

Today, our expectations have evolved. Fair pay is a starting point. In a labor-short world, finding a decent-paying job is easy. On construction sites, workers often lament that ‘every job is the same.’ This perspective explains the propensity to switch jobs for minor gains. Why, then, should workers give their all? I’ve posed this question […]

Keep Construction Projects on Schedule with Weekly Goal Setting

If you’re in construction, you know the importance of keeping projects on schedule. Construction jobs are bid at a fixed cost with a projected schedule, so any delays will reduce the profitability of the project, if not make it unprofitable. Having your construction crews set weekly goals is one of the most effective ways to […]

Unlocking The Potential Of Your Crew

Worker Productivity in construction industry can be improved by communicating, recognizing and motivating which helps improve their engagement.

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