BlackRock Acquires GIP: Technology, Operational Efficiency and Productivity in Construction

Technology Operational Efficiency and Productivity in Construction

What does BlackRock‘s $12B acquisition in Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) signal about the future of the Construction Industry? Hint: technology, operational efficiency, and productivity in Construction. About the deal: Macro Trends Driving Investment: Booming Infrastructure Market: The infrastructure sector, valued at $1 trillion, is on an upward trajectory, fueled by digital infrastructure and decarbonization. Government-Private […]

Whitepaper: Unlock Worker Productivity

Crew of concrete carpenters unlock worker productivity by reviewing targets and progress with Crewscope at the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton.

Abstract Why unlock worker productivity? Because labor productivity is declining, and the labor crisis exaggerates the problem. Construction companies need to do more with less labor and retain top talent. To solve this today, the best builders communicate with their workers and reward good performance. But they are doing it verbally, which is inconsistent and […]

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