GIP saved 13% labor costs

GIP saved 13% on labor costs using Crewscope during excavation at 4800 Yonge in Toronto. The dig was complex because the TTC service tunnel bisected the site, making for delicate work in tight spaces. The team also demonstrated good forecast accuracy, and, best of all, the crew loved it.

Headline summary:
💡 13% labor savings (626 hours)
🎯 94% forecast accuracy
🥳 the team loved it

Quotes from the site team:
“The guys like seeing the updates, and the points are fun.”

“Crewscope helped us plan and focus on priorities.”

“I’m saving up for a Weber Kettle BBQ, Bruno is saving up for a snow blower, and Tom cashes out for Amazon.”

The screenshot from our dashboard demonstrates how we do it: first, we plan work quantities and labor for the week ahead (aka site takeoff). On this job, we achieved a 94% success rate – excellent. We create value in construction by building accurately and consistently. We encourage our clients to aim for high accuracy when we begin a new engagement. As we build a habit of planning, we start to push up the bar.

Remember, Crewscope isn’t a gimme. We already pay our workers well to do their jobs. Crewscope is a privilege that recognizes performance!

Next, we track total hours against the target. The whole crew sees it, too, on their live dashboard. This builds an emotional connection to our target and helps keep it front of mind throughout the week.

When the crew hits their target, they all share an equal reward.

GIP saved 13% on labor costs

We have demonstrated similar results with some of the world’s most reputable builders, such as EllisDon (case study) and Lafarge.

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