Welcome Lafarge Dundas Quarry

Welcome Lafarge Dundas Quarry to Crewscope!

The Dundas Quarry is one of the largest limestone quarries in North America, producing ~4.5 million tonnes of aggregates annually. They employ 75 skilled hourly workers in mining, manufacturing, and distribution. Here is an excellent article by a local news outlet about how the plant and quarry work.

Aggregates are crushed sand and stone. They are the most basic ingredient for infrastructure and form the foundation for roads and pipes. It is one of three primary ingredients in concrete: aggregates, cement, and water. Here is a great explainer article on Aggregates by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers.

Our cofounder CEO, Calvin, started his career at Lafarge and learned a lot from the team at Dundas Quarry. During his ten years at Lafarge, he started forming the idea for Crewscope. You can read more about our origin story here.

The team is quantitative and sophisticated. They already do a great job setting targets, communicating with crews, and recognizing good work. They are excited to use Crewscope to get even better. Welcome Lafarge Dundas Quarry!

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