Lanterra Developments & High Rise Collaboration

Lanterra Developments partner with Crewscope to improve High Rise collaboration with their sub-trades.

We’re thrilled to pioneer a fresh approach to high-rise construction. Lanterra uses Crewscope to improve collaboration with third-party contractors.

Every Friday, the Superintendent and subcontractor plan their week as usual. Before, the plan was anecdotal and shared verbally with the crew.

Now, it’s digitized and dynamic. We use a tailored takeoff template, capturing key details like quantity and crane time, ensuring everyone is aligned.

The crew receives instant digital notifications and a personalized dashboard to track progress. When targets are hit, they all earn performance bonuses.

To initiate our program, we worked with the Lanterra project team to design our takeoff template. Afterward, Lanterra connected with their Precast contractor, pitched the program, and received overwhelming support to try it. The subcontractor said, “We’ve been trying to do something similar to this for a while but found no good solutions.”

Next, we met with the Precast team, pitched the program, and answered their questions. Enthusiasm was high to get started. We met with the site team at Glenhill, got them set up, and ate a few donuts. While starting anything new is uncertain, the team said our program was “straightforward and pretty simple.”

Lanterra Developments & High Rise Collaboration: let’s keep hitting those targets and unlocking those rewards together!

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