BlackRock Acquires GIP: Technology, Operational Efficiency and Productivity in Construction

Technology Operational Efficiency and Productivity in Construction

What does BlackRock‘s $12B acquisition in Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) signal about the future of the Construction Industry? Hint: technology, operational efficiency, and productivity in Construction. About the deal: Macro Trends Driving Investment: Booming Infrastructure Market: The infrastructure sector, valued at $1 trillion, is on an upward trajectory, fueled by digital infrastructure and decarbonization. Government-Private […]

New Features in December 2023

Lafarge Loader at Dundas Quarry

We are excited to share new features in December 2023. These came directly from our primary interviews with site leaders and workers. Direct Recognition: Send a note and points to individuals or groups. This is a great way to recognize the intangibles like mentorship, celebrate company values, or say thanks for helping out for a […]

Frontline Performance Management

construction crew performance management

A client called me this week with a frontline performance management issue on a construction project: He has a crew working towards a goal in Crewscope, and most of the team is working well. They are consistent and focused. But one of them needs to pull his weight. The site leader struggles. He feels the […]

Whitepaper: Unlock Worker Productivity

Crew of concrete carpenters unlock worker productivity by reviewing targets and progress with Crewscope at the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton.

Abstract Why unlock worker productivity? Because labor productivity is declining, and the labor crisis exaggerates the problem. Construction companies need to do more with less labor and retain top talent. To solve this today, the best builders communicate with their workers and reward good performance. But they are doing it verbally, which is inconsistent and […]

Welcome Lafarge Dundas Quarry

Welcome Lafarge Dundas Quarry to Crewscope! The Dundas Quarry is one of the largest limestone quarries in North America, producing ~4.5 million tonnes of aggregates annually. They employ 75 skilled hourly workers in mining, manufacturing, and distribution. Here is an excellent article by a local news outlet about how the plant and quarry work. Aggregates are […]

Workers are not cogs.

Workers are being held back and can be much more productive. But when I talk to leaders about motivating workers, I often hear: “people don’t want to work anymore.” The problem isn’t with workers not wanting to work. The problem is that they are kept in the dark and treated like cogs in a wheel. […]

Awarded Top 25 Innovators in Construction

Canada's Top 25 Innovators in Construction

SiteNews has awarded Crewscope a Top 25 Innovators in Construction. We are among a distinguished list of winners, including some of the largest general contractors in the country, tech startups, materials manufacturers, homebuilders, environmental champions, and more. See the complete list of winners here. About the award: The 25 Innovators in Construction is a yearly award […]

Why should work be meaningful?

Excavation on site with Crewscope in Toronto

Today, our expectations have evolved. Fair pay is a starting point. In a labor-short world, finding a decent-paying job is easy. On construction sites, workers often lament that ‘every job is the same.’ This perspective explains the propensity to switch jobs for minor gains. Why, then, should workers give their all? I’ve posed this question […]

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