Awarded Top 25 Innovators in Construction

Canada's Top 25 Innovators in Construction

SiteNews has awarded Crewscope a Top 25 Innovators¬†in Construction. We are among a distinguished list of winners, including some of the largest general contractors in the country, tech startups, materials manufacturers, homebuilders, environmental champions, and more. See the complete list of winners here. About the award: The 25 Innovators in Construction is a yearly award […]

Why should work be meaningful?

Excavation on site with Crewscope in Toronto

Today, our expectations have evolved. Fair pay is a starting point. In a labor-short world, finding a decent-paying job is easy. On construction sites, workers often lament that ‘every job is the same.’ This perspective explains the propensity to switch jobs for minor gains. Why, then, should workers give their all? I’ve posed this question […]

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